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Our menu of fresh soups, sandwiches, salads and smoothies offer a great opportunity in today's fast food service environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why should I join the Piping Kettle team?


Joining the Piping Kettle team gives you the opportunity to own your own business with the support of a dedicated team of professionals with proven success in the restaurant industry. Our team will help you get your Piping Kettle opened by leading lease negotiations, store design and construction and providing a minimum of 8 weeks of training. Support doesn’t stop there. You will be provided with tools to maximize business operations, receive local support from other Piping Kettle owners and managers, and your location will be included in our advertising plans.


2. Is restaurant, business, or franchising experience required to become a Piping Kettle franchisee?


You or a partner with an equity stake must have relevant transferrable skills and experience. Previous franchise or restaurant experience is not mandatory but preferred. 


3. What is the estimated initial investment in the setting up of a Piping Kettle restaurant in Canada?


The estimated initial investment for a Piping Kettle restaurant ranges from $200,000-$300,000, depending on various factors such as building size, configuration, and location.

Please e-mail to request a breakdown of estimated costs.


4. Will I receive training?


Yes! You will receive approx. 4 weeks of training at one of our established Piping Kettle locations followed by approx. 4 weeks on site at your franchise location. Timelines could change depending on your skill level and experience.


5. I have heard that there is a Basic Skills test, what is that?


You will be invited to take a test which takes approximately one hour to complete.


6. Who will build my restaurant?


We will work with our contractor to build your restaurant. We will negotiate the terms for the location and sign the lease.


7. Does Piping Kettle have single and multi-unit franchise opportunities?


Yes. We are seeking qualified candidates to open multi-unit franchise opportunities across Canada.


8. What are the minimum financial requirements?


$250,000 net worth with $50,000 liquid assets (cash-on-hand) per location.*

*Depending on territory, higher requirements may be necessary.


9. What is the franchise agreement term?

The Piping Kettle franchise agreement term is 10 years.


10. What is the initial franchise fee?

The initial franchise fee is $25,000 for each Piping Kettle Franchise location.


11. What are the royalty fees required for Piping Kettle franchise owners?

The royalty is equal to 6% of the franchised business’s weekly gross sales. The franchisee is also required to make a weekly advertising contribution equal to up to 2% of the franchised businesses's weekly gross sales.