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An idea struck us one evening when the family was trying to decide on a take-out option that would please all of us. We wanted something healthy, non-processed and affordable, but after racking our brains, we couldn’t think of anywhere to go. With most of the family being vegetarian, the only options we could think of were either greasy, processed or pricey. We started thinking of the possibility for our own take-out restaurant and what we would offer that would make any family happy. We all agreed that a business with hearty soups and sandwiches and a dedication to affordability and nutrition would be the perfect solution. It was clear what had to be done – we had to create the business ourselves.

Our company strives to create the most delicious soups to meet any dietary needs, with vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, low fat and meat lovers’ options. We have over 150 soups on rotation, with 10 homemade soups prepared fresh daily with quality market ingredients.

The founders of the Piping Kettle Soup Company, the Phillips’ family, include an executive chef with over twenty years of experience across Ontario and a knowledgeable nutritionist who is dedicated to promoting healthy life-style choices.

If you’re looking for fast and affordable food, you don’t have to compromise taste or your health. Come in and check out our twist on “fast-food”.